The Cure for Death

As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, many are asking life’s hardest questions: Why do we die? What happens after death, and how can I be sure I’ll go to Heaven? In this short book, Author JJ Weller seeks to answer. 

Learn more about "God’s Miraculous Cure for Eternal Death," "The Shocking Way God Revealed His Love and Secured the Cure," and "The Little-Known Way to Meet God," "Beat Death," and "Live Forever." 

Have you been pondering life, death, God, morality, or eternity during the COVID-19 crisis? Then this book is for you.

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Author JJ Weller

JJ Weller is a writer, editor, and creator for Message Ministries and Missions. He has served in evangelism through Message Ministries for more than six years—thrilled to minister Jesus’ salvation and teach biblical evangelism to the masses. He has a passion for God’s glory, the true gospel, biblical evangelism, biblical and historical revival, and the salvation of the unreached.