We're all on a journey of hope, looking for inspiration to help carry us along . . . Inspiration is subjective, as different people will find different things to be inspiring. God is the basis for our inspiration, because He is the basis for everything good and worth imitating. Please consider joining us, as we support others, on their quest, for this much-needed hope in the world.

Backsliding In Heart

Most Christians have backslidden in their hearts at times in their lives with Jesus. But how does that happen? Did the twelve disciples ever backslide? 

Most importantly, if we have backslidden in heart, how can we slide forward, and stay in a thriving relationship with the Lord? 

In this simple, but engaging book, Author Brian Mark Weller walks us through the biblical story of the disciple Peter’s downfall and restoration to help us answer these questions, and more.

The Cure for Death

As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, many are asking life’s hardest questions: Why do we die? What happens after death, and how can I be sure I’ll go to Heaven? In this short book, Author JJ Weller seeks to answer. 

In conversational style, the author unpacks, "The ancient disease behind every death," "The alarming realities of life after the grave," and "The simple test that reveals your eternal destiny," inviting the reader into God’s life-giving story of redemption. He unveils, "God’s miraculous cure for eternal death," "The shocking way God revealed His love and secured the Cure," and "The little-known way to meet God," "beat death," and live forever. 

Have you been pondering life, death, God, morality, or eternity during the COVID-19 crisis? Then, this book is for you.

The Robin and Fox

The Traveling Adventures of the Robin and the Fox offers a safe and nurturing reading experience for your child! With The Traveling Adventures of the Robin and the Fox, your child will enjoy:

• Story time

• Exploring the world

• Biblical scripture

You can rest assured that your child will enjoy the utmost kindness, love, and respect that the Robin and Fox show one another. We believe that all children are precious gifts!